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This web site started out in early 2005 as just a few landscape photos of Central Otago New Zealand and was built simply as a generic resource for web sites built by iCommuncate to link to so users could better understand our environment. Since then the hits and page visits have exceeded all expectations so we've re-worked the whole concept. Like we needed an excuse to get out there in the New Zealand outdoors... ahem! Special thanks to artist Veronique Desmet for the alpine shots in the South Westland album.

Wanaka our home and base has the largest collection, and we've endeavoured in this area  to offer alternative shots to the plethora of images already on the Internet, with a view [others to a lesser extent] to using locations near the main areas of accommodation. Rule-of-thumb: an hrs. drive and/or walk.

While we continue to suffer all disruptions to body clocks and roll with the weather punches to keep getting the best images. We'd love it you felt inclined to comment by email. Also if you would like a high res. copy please email us for details. - they're usually free with minimal conditions. Thanks, Donald Lousley


19 Rata St. Wanaka

New Zealand

[64] 03 443 8101


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