Winter 2022 News Update

A Highly Rewarding Website Upgrade

I have nearly completed a comprehensive upgrade (part of which was a donation) for the Aspiring Biodiversity Trust in conjunction with the New Zealand Mountain Film & Book Festival in late June 2022. The Trust is actively involved in conservation efforts in the Makarora area, including fieldwork aimed at measuring local bat populations using state-of-the-art sonar devices suspended in trees.

Coaching and consulting services.

I now limit my Apple computer support to assisting existing clients and friends. Despite this, I still believe it’s important to stay informed about the latest hardware specifications and advancements. During this process, I can also share some useful tips and techniques, especially when it comes to digital image post-production. Additionally, I support my colleagues in the computer industry who specialize in Windows support by providing insights and assistance in areas where I have expertise.

A Fresh Start for Older iMac Computers

I have started a new project of upgrading older iMacs, giving new life to timeless and well-built hardware. I am working with a local Windows/PC technician, Mike Hartley, who shares my frustration with the lack of soul in the industry. If you know someone in the community who has a creative pursuit and would benefit from a powerful, upgraded iMac at an affordable price, please let me know. Conversely, if you are considering getting rid of an iMac model later than 2009, please reach out to me before tossing it in the trash.

The Power of the Mind Project.

You may be aware that I’ve faced some health challenges in recent years. It’s been a deeply transformative experience, which prompted me to start writing a blog about it, which may one day become an E-book. This has been a cathartic and intriguing process, and I hope it will be helpful to others who are embarking on a similar journey.

WordPress content creation.

Lastly (and I’m really excited about it) this post is an example of what is now possible in WordPress. With the introduction of Gutenberg, now known as the Block Editor, we’re now able to lay out a page like it’s on paper. And do a whole raft of other things, only ever dreamed about. It has also made content creation much faster, and less prone to errors.



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